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VTSS prepared something really special for DISCWOMAN to our mind. The mix you can experience here is a rich mixture of style. 

From trance to techno, a cool collection of carefully selected and skilfully mixed tracks are waiting for your ears below!

"The mix is quite intense, even for my taste. When I put it all together I wanted to maybe rerecord it so it's super clean and all, but one of my 2019 resolutions is to learn to let some things go, do best and try super hard of course but not to obsess over being perfect.

The mix is definitely straight right to it kinda vibe.

It contains tracks in many of my fav electronic music styles (ebm, techno, electro, trance, rave etc) including many released and unreleased tracks by my talented friends, that I'm super grateful for.

The mix was recorded using my wifey's SPFDJ home dj setup - 2 decks, 2 cdjs." - that's how DJ VTSS describes it.

Photo credit by Marta Michalak