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Vanessa Sukowski and her "Time to Rave"

"Time to Rave" is a series of powerful techno live sets by German DJ, Producer & Labelhead Vanessa Sukowski.

Each episode is recorded on black background, that was inspired by Jeff Mills. The project was created in early 2017 and breathed new life during the lockdown in 2020.

"A camera, a DJ and a plain background -- I got inspired by the one and only "Wizard" Mr. @jeff_mills_official to create my project "Time to Rave" -- At this time I found it very refreshing that nothing distracted from him and his music and that the focus is entirely on his art", Vanessa describing the idea.

Find the sets below and don't be shy to share your impressions via social media. At the moment there are 5 episodes, find them on Youtube, Facebook & Soundcloud! 

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