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What does a world need after a crack in its universe?

A artist that understands nature.

Kristin a digital entrepreneur, who is known as Miss Nine (musician, DJ, producer), she has performed at essential A-List Music venues (Ultra Music Festival, Pacha, Encore Beach Club, Marquee, Warung Beach Club, Avalon, Sunburn Festival etc...) and left footprints in an constant evolving branch over more than a decade.

In summer 2017, she started a series of “Kitchen Of Nine” (Facebook and later on YouTube) to give people a glimpse of here cooking.

What kind of cooking?

For all fans and aspiring upcoming music professionals who can’t make it to a real concert to see her perform to share a taste of the ever evolving Music.

With a residency in the pocket to take “Kitchen of Nine” internationally, a novel smell visa for the USA and a ticket on exactly the last day of entry to the United States.

Kristin comment:
I did not sleep much because of all the preparation prior a tour, the stay in Miami, projects, friends and the WMC conference.
Way to early wake up, a phone full of messages that Trump is closing all borders, with a sleepy eye and not paying much attention to this since he
has mentioned for a while, a sprint to the tram to catch the train to Schiphol airport, check in, pit stop in the KLM lounge for a bite to eat before
boarding the plane.

More and more noise coming in about this Trump scenario, a helpless ground staff going in circles with no helpful information.
With one bite between my jaw I called the hospital were my mom works. First instinct, doctors must know how such a situation can evolve. Mom
slowly to feel stressed out with the news and me asking her opinion.

Doctors seemed pretty calm and finished the conversation with a “No”. Like many moments in my life the word “No” makes me think more.
Closer to the gate my phone has reached Miami temperatures. Is this a sign?

European agents calling, “Please Don’t Go”... USA agents calling nothing to worry about yet...

Imagine me like in a scene of Tom & Jerry pulled in all directions. One leg in and one leg out of an aircraft.

All confirmed jobs, gigs, meetings and recordings where still scheduled as active.

With an East German mentality I turned the phone off and boarded.

Surprisingly this flight was packed like the concerts I did and with being on tour with Avicii and during my Las Vegas residency.

The entire seat disinfected with the smell of a flower field around me.

Seat belt on Let’s Go!

With the rise of more news, from the other side of the world. Gigs and job’s slowly got postponed and later cancelled throughout that month.

With Kristin’s background and network she reached out to locals to bring “Sunset Sessions” to life.

The extend of here monthly radio show “Nine Sessions” where she takes her tribe on a journey through time zones, cultures and experiences.

Sunset Sessions graced the living rooms of hundred thousands of people via her social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube with a visits from police agents on locations in Miami.

Why Sunset Sessions?

To stay together, lift each other up during times of a arising disaster.

After a lockdown stay of 3,5 month in South Beach, (FL, USA) , which was the most incredible time Kristin says. With Europe waking up from the first wave, “InHouse” , the social interactive platform who brings people together in a safe environment, reached out to collaborate on an event.

Within 1,5 month of hard work the “InHouse - End of Summer Edition” went live internationally and brought more people together in times of hardship with pleasant entertainment to show people around on a hotspot some haven’t seen before.

The struggle continues with the current situation with longer lockdowns, riots and the health wealth affair of the universe.

Kristin sat down, chatted with here fans directly, went back into the studio, signed tracks on her own imprint 925 Music and released 2 Album Mixes to address directly and exactly what the world needs right now.

Miss Nine stated on her latest post.

For all workaholics, stress chicken’s and those who need a holiday on the beach right now.

“This Mix puts your mind to ease, brings focus and I hope activates your creativity for a better future.”

Sunset Vibes (Apple Music)
Sunset Vibes (Spotify)

Sunset Sessions Live
Nine Sessions Live
Nine Sessions Radio on Apple Music:

Other visual material, live performances + details upon request.