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SPFDJ made a mix for DISCWOMAN

Having started her career in London, being a recent addition of the Berlin club scene, SPF has appeared on lineups and radio shows for SIREN, Gateway to Zen, Werk & Make Me with a kind of techno that is fast, hard-hitting and with elements of acid, electro, hardcore & trance.

Today we suggest you check her podcast for DISCWOMAN. 

That's how the DJ describes it: 

"It’s pretty raw and ‘hype’ if you ask me! Think I have been inspired lately by a bunch of new open-minded people I’ve met and going through a period of sexual discovery slash liberation. It’s quite some story that I won’t repeat here, but a couple of friends were engaged in some high jinx in the room whilst I was recording this and I think it really fed the energy of the mix!

Unfortunately there is a bit of mains hum in this take but I decided the energy was worth scaring off some audiophiles for hehe" - @spfd.j