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REMIX OF THE DAY: Feder - Yssabeua (Anja Schneider Remix)

DJANEMAG is here again with a fresh rubric #remixoftheday.

Here is Anja Schneider with her new release. 

"True to the collaborative creative etho that lies at the core of Berlin's arts scene, this latest release from my label @sousmusic is very much a home-grown entity. Featuring the production talents of @jan_eric_official_blackhead and @freestylemanlive who, are my partners in the production, mixing and mastering house, @blackheadstudios, it was inevitable that a collaboration would eventually flourish from this day-to-day working arrangement.

Hope you like my remix from 'Yssabeua' too. It’s a bit more into 4/4 direction, reconstructing the amazing Kinski's vocal and morphing the arrangement to a more dancefloor fit that combine my punchy groove to a feel-good ambient house vibe. Hope you like it ," Anja mentioned via her IG

Sure we decided to add it to our remixes collection, enjoy on and let us know your impressions.

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