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Juliet Fox presents United We Stream Podcast

Juliet Fox presents United We Stream Podcast. United We Stream shared a short interview with Juliet, check it out below and enjoy music.

How Did Corona change your artist life? 

It basically flipped it all on it's head, and almost overnight. ..after years of travelling to other cities almost every weekend to play gigs..

to sitting at home, wondering when things might return to normal. At first it felt like the perfect time to just sit and write music, and have some down time..

but I found it harder to be motivated without the life that I knew, and the inspiration from all that came with that. Overall it's taught me a lot in the last year, about what's really important..

and how to manage all of the emotions that come day by day, and how to keep focused and positive.

Where did you record the mix and how did you feel? 

I recorded it in my studio in Berlin.. to be honest I found this a bit hard to put together, as my musical taste has been changing almost every day.. sometimes it can be really hard, or more melodic / softer.. or very experimental.

What are your wishes for the time after Corona? 

For everyone to take something from this time, maybe more respect and appreciation... that we learn from this time and not just switch back to the way we used to act before.

via United We Stream