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Elon Musk throws rave at Tesla Berlin Gigafactory for 9,000 attendees

Canadian-American engineer and inventor Elon Musk threw a large-scale rave party with dancing robots.

The reason for the celebration was the opening of the first European Tesla plant, which appeared in the suburbs of Berlin.

The company called Gigafactory is located in the Grunheid district. In the same place - on the southeastern outskirts of the capital of Germany, on October 9 the festival "Gigafest" dedicated to this event took place.

To organize a rave party, Tesla received special permission from the Berlin authorities. All residents of the district - about 9 thousand people - were invited to the holiday, but not all of them came.

According to Elon Musk, the plant plans to produce 500 thousand electric cars a year, about 12 thousand specialists should be involved in the work.

Independent of that, Elon Musk once more demonstrated his affection for electronic dance music culture. The party at the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin is testimony to that inasmuch as his production of ‘Don’t Doubt Your Vibe,’ which was remixed by techno wunderkind Sven Väth.