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DON'T MISS! Playful Winterabend (Heated Open Air + Indoor)

Together with Æden, Playful have created a safe garden party this Saturday where we can enjoy music and get an energy boost in the midst of the darkness together.

This Saturday they open up the doors to a warm garden party, outdoors under roof, with heating lamps, open fire, projections, DJ’s and a hella lot of energy.

The capacity is limited, the energy is not.

The event is strict 2G+ which means you need to bring your covid pass, a valid official covid test and your ID.


Dance Divine
Hēi project
Indigo Plateaux
Felix Bergman
Scotty The Blue Bunny


- Covid pass/ or recovered
- Valid antigen test (not older than 24h)
- ID card - Half capacity
- Outdoors at Æden’s garden + heating lamps