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Techno Vibes rising from the Desert!


In Saudi Arabia’s era of dynamic and rapid change, DJ Viva is a professional DJ and the first female music producer in Saudi Arabia with released music on all major music platforms!!

She is passionate about arts & entertainment on various levels ranging from film & photography to modelling & design, with music being her main focus.

Along with abundant live performances ranging from Virgin Megastore events to Coya and much more, she has released music on all major music platforms, contributes to various music streams & broadcasts such as CoyaAtHome, YesTheory, MDL Beast Frequencies, Haus Music, Platinumlist, & others.

Aside from her creative side, she also plays lead business roles as founder of, partner in 7Zenith Business consultancy, and Co-founder of EntertainmenTen.

She holds an MBA & is a PhD Candidate in Organizational Development, & recently launched Viva Cosmetics online & in stores, as well as VivArt & VivaApparel.

Check our her latest single Trelós below!