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Cool Kids, a catchy retro and authentic summer song from Miss Nine, Gab Tritone and Avau

Cool Kids, a catchy retro and authentic summer song with a perfect blend of fresh 80’s & soul, an energetic mix that will lift your spirit and put you in the right mood to seize the day.

The engaging melody is supported by a warm deep house bass and supported by traditional organic instruments resulting in a modern progressive vibe.


An unique collaboration between three passionate European artists to express the COOL of the 21st century.

This ‘COOL” stands for being bold, real, authentic, unique and confident.

No judgement, just trusting the music, the energy and the flow.

The three artists aim to create a global COOL movement, spreading more confidence and inspiration to others.“

We want to ask everyone to join and be part of this movement.

Send in your most confident dance moves or tag #coolkids in your best performance, this can be from a recent virtual event you have attended, or recorded when listening to this song, or filmed while feeling at your best with your friends.

Selected scenes/ performances will be selected and used for a final edit of the video of this song. Let’s be COOL”


German born Miss Nine has been a solid player on the dance scene for over a decade.

With her eclectic musical taste ranging from energetic grooves with plenty of vocals to a deeper, progressive sound, she turns heads and moves feet everywhere she performs.


Serbia born, London based DJ and producer Gab Tritone has become a popular name in the British clubbing scene.

His passion for music started very early in his life and evolved into a distinctive sound of progressive, deep and tech house.

Collaborations with renowned artists as Deadmau5, Dr Motte, Mauro Picotto, Nick Warren, Adam Beyer and performances in club’s like Ministry of Sound, Pacha, Egg -just to name a few- have put him on the map, making him an artist we can no longer ignore.


German born Andrei Vesa a.k.a Avau spent most of his youth in Romania where his grandfather inspired him to create music.

Avau later gained public exposure through his performance as a finalist on “The Voice of Germany” Influenced by styles such as electro, rock, hip-hop and jazz, his unique voice and wide range of notes make him an artist to watch.