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Wherever Carla is, she gets inspired by music. A proud Mexican that was surrounded with “Música Latina” would get in touch very early with electronic music. It was the energy of Daft Punk’s “Homework”, The Prodigy’s “The Fat of the Land”, and The Chemical Brothers’ “Dig Your Own Hole” that really blowed her mind.

Since then, she’s crossed the world to live in Germany, where electronic music got deeper into her bones. She was fascinated by the dj work and the atmosphere of the famous European clubs.

Picking up new sounds along the way, one day she found herself behind the decks and since then, her work has been seen with full dedication and passiondriven. Carla, a well skilled selector, spreads her irresistible spirit through her captivating live performances and her radio shows for Ibiza and German stations.

In her dj sets, she takes a love of deep house, electronica, indie dance, and melodic house & techno infused with her Latin and Indian Native roots, creating the atmospheric Carla Casanova sound. That is, beats-with-no-borders, taking her audience into a never ending trip of experimental rhythms and energetic melodies.

“Music has such a strong power! It helps me create beautiful emotions and magical moments that make people dance and smile”. Coming back from her recent Mexican tour, Carla finds herself at the moment scheduling international agendas and working in the studio exploring new sounds.