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BLOND:ISH release a 100% biodegradable, plastic free vinyl album

Canadian DJ and producer BLOND:ISH has announced that she is releasing a biodegradable, plastic free vinyl album ‘#PlasticFreeParty


Released on Tuesday (April 11) via her label ABRACADABRA there will be 14 tracks on the record, with tracks from BLOND:ISH herself, Shiba San & Millad, Vander & Deer Jade, Elif & Gespona, Theo Meier and others.

The album comes in conjunction with BLOND:ISH’s non-profit charity Bye Bye Plastics, which is dedicated to removing single use plastics from the music industry.


It has been developed in conjunction with vinyl R&D company Evolution Music and green pressing plant DeepGrooves, who claim that there is no drop off in sound quality, as well as being completely compostable.

The record is made from PHA, a bioplastic produced by harnessing microorganisms including bacteria, to create building blocks and give them a mission to produce polymer structures. All PHA plastics are completely biodegradable.

There will be a limited R&D run of 150 copies of ‘#PlasticFreeParty’, with digital versions of the tracks also available. All proceeds from the album will go towards the Bye Bye Plastic charity.


DeepGrooves is a Dutch vinyl pressing plant that operates with a circular structure, using green energy, green gas and solar energy. Based in Leiden, their records don’t use heavy metals found in traditional vinyl pressing techniques, and instead their granulate (what is melted to form the vinyl material) is based on calcium zinc stabilisers.

In February, BLOND:ISH teamed up with pop superstar Madonna to re-work the singer’s classic ‘Sorry’ into a club track. Speaking to Beatportal about the collaboration, BLOND:ISH commented at the time: “This collaboration came to life so naturally. We soon started playing ‘Sorry’ at our shows and the response was overwhelming.”


Listen below The 14-track #PlasticFreeParty LP.



For more information on ‘#PlasticFreeParty’ visit Bye Bye Plastic’s official website.


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