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The Blessed Madonna releases “Serotonin Moonbeams”

Serotonin Moonbeams’ it’s the first solo release from The Blessed Madonna since her 2017’s ‘He Is The Voice I Hear


Did someone order a serotonin injection? In perfect antagonism to the cold and grey days already plaguing some parts of the world, The Blessed Madonna now releases a bubbling and sugar-coated new single. ‘Serotonin Moonbeams’ is one of the tracks that the artist has been testing in recent months and that fans have long been waiting to get their hands on. This fun house cut is available now on the usual platforms, via Warner Music.


In the crazy 90s, house music was a vehicle for important messages and a way to share feelings, from the artist to the crowd and among music lovers. This celebration, fun, and love could be encapsulated in a track, and that is exactly what The Blessed Madonna did, in the most celebratory way possible. About the new single, the artist commented:


We talked about what it was like to fall in love in the Vicks Vapo-rub, candy-soaked raves of the 90s. It’s about “cuddle puddles” and the intense emotional, physical and spiritual connections that can form when serotonal conditions are right. Barriers that might exist in a normal dating atmosphere evaporate and strangers can become intimate and beloved figures in an instant. (…) It’s gotten an incredible response since I tested it the first time in Brazil on tour. It was written on one of those days where I was running from the production console to the sofa to bang out lyrics with Uffie and Jin Jin. I remember being so embarrassed to suggest, “Bet I hit you with that bad bitch, thunder lightning, super frightening yeah!” But when I did, they just howled and we knew we were onto something.”


Featuring Uffie‘s incredible voice, ‘Serotonin Moonbeams’ brings vibrant house piano tabs wrapped in elegant and efficient percussion, providing a lively yet fluid rhythm. The elements coexist harmoniously, giving the vocal a special highlight with a background hush that sharpens the track’s effervescent pace. It definitely stays in your ear.



[h/t We Rave You]