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Berlin-based OXI Garten has announced that it will be closed until further notice following a string of noise complaints.

OXI was supposed to welcome Palms Trax, Sky Deep and Dhanesh Jayaselen before closing on Friday, as well as Job Jobse, Elias Mazian, I $ A and Agyena on Saturday.

OXI insists it “resists” to reopen. "We are currently fighting back", states OXI via social media.



"Regretfully, the Umweltamt has forced us to close our venue for August, until further notice. Sadly, we have been dealing with repetitive noise complaints from a small but vocal minority of neighbours, despite taking out six-figure loans and grants only for noise insulation and technical reports certifying our compliance with the law and despite always communicating with them in advance and lowering our noise even below the legal limit. Each event took place with the approval and official permission of the council so far. However, the increasing complaints lead to police entering our venue and confiscating our permits under false pretext.

We are currently fighting back, but need to prioritize the safety of our staff and guests until we have a rock solid legal solution. Otherwise, bureaucrats in Lichtenberg and the Police will continue to aid and abet these neighbors by finding new pretext to harass us. Authorities who have lauded themselves as the saviors of club culture, have not helped us in any way and only paid lip service. This is threatening everything that our team has worked on and achieved with blood sweat and tears since first opening our doors during arguably the worst possible time for opening a new club. As disappointed and heartbroken as we are in this situation, we appreciate your support and hope to see you again soon!", @oxi_garten