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Amavii creates a podcast for MEER BASS

Born in Sweden with Moroccan and Czech decent; she moved at a very young age to West Africa.

Growing up in The Gambia, West Africa exposed her to people of various cultural backgrounds and exposure of travel.

She has lived abroad for many years in The UK, California, Sweden and 6 months ago, she moved to Berlin, Germany.

All of these colorful factors influenced and enriched her taste and sound in music.

Amavii has been in pursuance of her love for music as a professional DJ since 2011.

During the last gratifying 8 years, she has experienced limitless growth and is continuously evolving as an artist.

Presently guesting clubs in Berlin, she is working ambitiously towards establishing herself as an upcoming DJ and producer in her new home.

Here you can find her latest podcast for MEER BASS.

Enjoy music and don't forget to support DJ Amavii at!