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Exclusive Interview: AMELY's talent and passion

Amely - talented Dj, successful model, worldwide rocker and music producer in a talk with DjaneMag about first steps in Djing, ambitious plans for future, fashion and unique style.

DjaneMag: Who came up with your nickname? What does it mean?

AMELY: I really like my nike name and feel so comfortable with it, i think it's most important, after one french movie Amelie i decided to keep this name for my project, only changed last letter.

DjaneMag: Tell me please, how do you begin with music and Djing?

AMELY: When I was 14 i download FL Studio and it was my first steps to compose, but in that age it was like hobby. 8 years ago one of my friend, he was dj and party promoter, proposed me to teach me how to dj, and slowly slowly one step by another i started to play on his RNB party in the club at outskirts of Kiev, but after 6 months i already had my first salary from my set.

DjaneMag: Do you travel a lot? What countries or cities do you like most of all and why? 

AMELY: For last 5 years of international career i performed in more than 50 countries, all of them are unique. Last year i came to perform at festival on small Island Malta in Mediterranean sea and decided to stay here for 2 months, now i live here and for me it's the best place in the world. But i also love to perform in Asia, amazing culture and food! Zurich( Switzerland), Tokyo( Japan), Bali(Indonesia) and Boracay (Philippines), Dubai (UAE) - i think these are my TOP 5 favorite places to perform.

DjaneMag: Do you think that «Dj world» is men's world? In your opinion is it harder for girl to become famous Dj?

AMELY: It's all about personality and talent and passion. If you really like what you are doing - you will reach success, most important don't be afraid and work hard, does not matter whether you are woman or a man.

DjaneMag: Can you share your dreams and plans for future concerning Djing? What would you like to achieve?

AMELY: Big plans for next year a new start for me, because i would like to change the style of my project, but cannot disclose anymore about this !! Already started my work on an album. Last year i released 2 tracks with Dutch labels Musical Madness - this gave me more inspiration to work on studio!

DjaneMag: How can you describe your style of clothing? Do you prefer luxury or mass market brands?

AMELY: For big festivals when i'm jumping on stage and spraying all the partygoers with champagne i prefer to wear comfortable clothing - that's why created own style with 2 pony tails, short school dress, white socks and nike air - i really love it. During the normal life i love my favorite D&G dresses for calm dinner with friends.

DjaneMag: Which fashion designers and labels are really at the top for you now? 

AMELY: Now i'm writing interview with my favorite Italian silk pajamas, so nothing special.

DjaneMag: Do you follow fashion bloggers in Instagram? Or do you have your own fashion blog?

AMELY: I think all djs are like independent fashion bloggers, with different styles, and it's incredible! I have my instagram profile @dj_amely but it's mostly about shows, tours and dj life. Last few years was also productive for my model career - photo shoots and interview for worldwide magazines, so it's also became my part of job and i like it! For last 3 years was voted like TOP Model Dj by PlayBoy, UNO, XXL and Major Asian Music Portal so, i think, nowadays girls-djs are part of fashion.

DjaneMag: What would you never wear?

AMELY: Hmm, my dresses for shows what i sewed 6 years ago:)

DjaneMag: Must have of the season is/are... Why?

AMELY: Nike Air and bikini and jeans shorts! And world is yours!!!!:)p